#1 Roughrider Dad Collection

Welcome to the "#1 Roughrider Dad" Collection brought to you by the St. Marys Roughriders Football Parents Club!
Father's Day is just 2 weeks away!
To complement our Mother's Day apparel, we are offering lightweight Gildan and Bella & Canvas comfy T-shirts and V-necks, the options are endless with variables, and what a gift to the dad's, Grandfather's, and Uncle's of this community (change out "Dad" to any of the above, or make up your own)!

The SM Roughriders Football Parents Club came to us wanting to do something for the community, and stressed how important it was to include all sports, all activities, all clubs and organizations that are related to our wonderful school - the idea is that you can change up the front "Club or sport" area and put the school's organization, sport or club to show off your dad being the #1 fan for ANY group (please keep text to 2 words). You can even put a last name on the back as an add-on. Your selections are "With Back/Add-On Name" or "No Back"

ALL INFO FOR VARIABLES NEEDS TO BE LISTED IN THE "INSTRUCTIONS TO THE SELLER", The front will be produced as shown with "dad" if you do not list a change such as "Grandfather" "Papaw" or "Uncle", etc. . The back variable area will be blank if you do not list a name.

This fundraiser is due Sunday, June 7th by midnight, with pickup both Friday, June 12th 10-5 & Saturday June 13th 9-1pm.

Go Riders and Happy Father's Day!
SSG & The SM Roughriders Football Parents Club

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